Month 11 – a year in their life – Family Photographer in Cambridge

It’s 11 months later and since I first met Brigitte in her kitchen 11 months ago the family has grown.

We now have baby Aussie and Lola the kitten, who by the way is very best friends with little Dimi, as you will see.

Hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since we started our photography journey.

In case you haven’t been following along, a year ago I embarked on a personal project which was to photograph a family in their home once a month for a year.   I love the depth, emotion and storytelling of this kind of portraiture and I really needed to stretch my creative wings.  My hope is that by showing just how beautiful in home portrait sessions can be, it will inspire my clients to try it for themselves.  I have loved every minute with Brigitte’s beautiful family.  Now we just have to decide what we will do for our finale next month:)

Have you enjoyed following along on this personal journey with me?  I’d love to hear all of your thoughts so don’t be shy and feel free to leave your comments.


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