Move over Paint Night – Portrait photographer in cambridge


Move over paint night – there’s a new kid in town!

So what exactly is a “portrait party”?

It’s a super fun and fabulous new way to host a girls night out (or in).

It’s an opportunity to put on your big girl panties and DITCH THAT SELFIE!

It’s a way to bring your girlfriends together for a hilarious evening of wine, nibbles and self love.

It’s a means to put your best face forward in this age of social media where we are flooded with imagery

It’s a chance to have a beautiful professional portrait to use for personal branding, network marketing, corporate head shots or simply for use on your social media platforms.

It’s a great way to increase your self esteem.

It’s entertainment to see how your friend’s images change after a few glasses of vino.

But most of all. ┬áIt’s an a$$ kickin’ good time;)

Parties may be hosted either in the Hulahoop Studio or in your own home (travel fees will apply).

email for details on how to book.


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Lauren - What would something like this typically cost?

hulahoop - I have sent you a message, Lauren

Sandra Avery - Hi, I am going to be planning a ladies event later this year for my neighbourhood. One of my neighbours suggested a portrait party. Can you tell me approximately how the pricing works for this type of an event?

hulahoop - Hi Sandra – I will email you with the information :)

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