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About an hour before this in home photography session was about to start I received a message from my client.

“It’s pretty dark in the house today.  I just don’t want you to drive all the way out here if there’s not enough light”.

The truth is – it’s been a very dreary winter here in Southern Ontario.  I can’t recall the last time I saw the sunshine, but it’s been weeks and weeks.  It’s true that most often I do my in home portrait sessions in homes that are filled with light, but with these nagging grey skies even the brightest homes can be lacking in light.

I’ve had to get creative with my photography and how I use the available light to photograph my subjects and to be honest.  I’m kind of in love with the results and the dramatic light.

So instead of rescheduling my January Year in the life session for a brighter day I decided to embrace the dark.  Use it to create the moody imagery that I’ve been so drawn to for so long.     Not every house is abundant with light.  Not every home’s decor is awash with light colours and a pallet where the light bounces off of every surface…..and that’s okay!

In this blog post I’ve included a pull back to show the room that we were working in.  For this session we used a very small space by the window.  The entire series of photographs was done in this space, which was about 15 square feet.

This kind of portraiture is wonderful for children that have small children who create their own sense of spontaneity.   On that note – just a reminder that February is only a week away and for the month of February I am waiving the $250 session fee  for in home portrait sessions.    If you’re interested in having beautiful portraits like these of your own children then it’s a great time to take advantage.

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