Why you’re going to LOVE February – Family Photographer in Cambridge


For me there’s truly nothing better than walking into a space and instantly feeling inspired.   When speaking with clients about their family portrait sessions the subject of location is often one of the first to come up.

I have always loved the idea of taking photographs in a client’s home.  Somewhere that truly means something to them.  I love finding little nuggets of goodness in your family’s favourite place.  Maybe it’s your daughter’s ballerina themed bedroom, or your master bathroom with soaring windows and oodles of light.  Perhaps the best place for photographs is in your rustic kitchen where the light plays and dances just so and gives us moody images with rich tones.  The thing is – it can be unconventional and it can be exciting.

Maybe you have an eye for design?  Moved into a new home that you’ve just built or renovated and you’d like to capture an image of your child or family in a place that has been the focus of your blood sweat and tears for the last year.

We could give the dog a bath, give the baby a bath in your kitchen sink, have a pillow fight in the bedroom, photograph the children while they are napping.  So many opportunities abound in that place that you call home.

And now for the MOST exciting part – I will be offering these sessions with NO sessions fees for the month of February**.  Whether we photograph the family or just the children these in home photography sessions can be some of my all time favourite.  So let’s get together and play:)

info@hulahoopphotography.com is where you can find me.


**fees for prints and digital files still apply.  Travel fee may apply for sessions outside of the Tri-Cities area.


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Dijana Bogicevic - Would love to participate!

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