Cheek and Charm – Children’s photographer in Cambridge

One of my favourite foursomes was in the studio last week for their annual Christmas pictures.

The Love boys came and took over my space for an hour on Friday afternoon.  It was like a little tornado full of cheek and charm!  These boys are all go and ALL personality.

Leo the lover, Luca the ladies man, Milo the monkey and Finn the firecracker.

Their Mama, who also happens to be my best friend in the whole world, is going to have her hands seriously full(er) when these boys are in high school.  Look out world when the Love boys are on the loose.  I can only imagine the trouble this 4 pack is going to get up to in their teenage years.  LOL.

I love you, Carla.  You are the best Mama ever and these boys are lucky to have you – who wouldn’t be.  I count myself lucky to be one of the people closest to you.  Muah!


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