Mom – Cambridge Family Photographer

People often wonder how I do what I do.  Three kids under the age of five, running a portrait photography busines, caring for a house.  The truth is that I don’t do it alone. If it weren’t for my wonderful group of behind the scenes supporters I probably would have had to close up shop a long while ago. One of those awesome peeps is my Mom.  Lucky for me, she no longer works so she’s always around to lend a helping hand, which is amazing.  Unlucky for me (and lucky for her), she’s been in England for the past five weeks, but will soon be home – hallelujah.

I can’t forget about my Mother in Law either.  Whenever we need her she is there.  No matter what time of the day, or type of weather, she always seems to come through for us.  In fact, that very brave woman is actually taking all three of our little lovelies for a few days starting tomorrow as Simon and I are off to Cuba!  Our first getaway together in SEVEN years!

Here’s to MOMS!  My Moms, your Moms, all the Moms we know and love.   Give your Mom a squeeze today.  She deserves it!

Catch you in a week!


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