Amy’s Baby – Toronto Family Photographer

I have a younger sister.

Her name is Amy.

Amy always wanted to be a nurse when we were little.  She took care of her stuffed animals like they were people.  She would feel sorry for them if one got more cuddle time than another…constantly ensuring that they were rotated and loved equally.

Amy has always been a care taker.  If you’re in need she’s there.  Making sure that everyone is loved and happy and okay.

Recently Amy got a new addition.  A nine year old pointer mix named “Ryobi”.  Ryobi had a tough life and was given to the animal shelter.  A sick dog who needed extra attention.  Someone to ensure that she is loved and cuddled and perfectly taken care of.

I’m so glad that Amy found Ryobi.  A while back Amy asked me to take photos of her dog and I advised her that she should leave that up to the professional dog photographers that are out there.  But I would happily take photographs of Amy and Ryobi….together.

I’m not a pet photographer, but I most certainly AM a family photographer and Amy and Ryobi are most certainly family.

This one is for them.


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Melissa Lupal - These made me cry…I have two golden retrievers and they ARE my children too so these just made me so sentimental! Perfection…truly

Mary Wilson - Your NOT a pet photographer? Are you kidding me? These photos are amazing Nicola! I’m a huge animal lover and these pictures show us what love is all about! Tears….yes! You bring out the best in your subjects and this is a thumbs up in my book! Keep up the GREAT work cause you have given this girl a smile!

Kelly - Awesome! How do i get a session for me and Henry?!!!
Don’t limit yourself Nic, you are A Photographer period.

hulahoop - Kelly…. You know that whenever you’d like a session of you and your furry baby that i will do it for you :)

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