Awesome – Milton Newborn Photographer

For all the newborns that I have photographed, I think that I can surely say that I have never seen a big brother to be more excited about his new role in the family.  When I asked Simon about how he liked his newborn baby brother his response very quickly was “he’s awesome.  I snuggle with him every night.”

I am so happy for this new family and particularly for the brand new brothers.  I know that in the years to come there will be wrestling and some fights, but there will also be moments of tenderness and a camaraderie like no other.  These boys will grow to be best friends and will take care of each other until the end.

Even though newborn sibling photographs can be hard to get, the results are definitely some of my favourites.  For me the images are all about connection and the connection between these two boys is apparent.  Even at only a few days into their new adventure together.


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Sophie|London Ontario Photographer - Ahh, love love love these! Such precious interactions! <3

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