Heels amongst hockey skates – Smithville Family Photographer

I always say that if you’re a mother to all boys, you have an instant “cool” factor that the rest of us just don’t have.  There is something to be said about raising a brood of boys, being the sole girlie presence in an all male household.  You are the heels amongst the hockey skates, the lipstick amongst the lego and the beauty behind the boisterousness.

Mama’s to boys can build a fortress out of blankets in no time flat, they can construct a lego tower almost to the moon and they can surely cook up a storm to feed those growing men.  They have spent countless hours in freezing cold hockey arenas, sitting in the bleachers at rainy football games, and learned how to use the xbox controller with speed and agility.

They are raising men.  Those little boys will one day tower over their Mamas, they will come home from university to find her wearing their favourite old sweater – just so she can breathe it in.  They will look forward to dinners at home when they can lay on the couch and watch football and be taken care of again.  They will wish that their wives could make a pie crust *just* like Mom did. And one day….when they have children of their own, they will truly appreciate everything that Mama did for them.

Thank you so much to this family from Smithville who drove all the way to Cambridge to see me.  I was so happy to do these family portraits for them while their little men are still little.  I hope these family photographs are treasured until their first hockey trophy, university, grand children and beyond.


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Andrea Lochner - Just read this now…. Boy keeping me busy;) such a nice note.

Tracy Fowler - Wow – Andrea these are beautiful!!! They really do capture you both, the boys, and your special family bond.

I am so happy you have found such an incredible and talented photographer closer to home – I only wish i could take credit for these fantastic images myself!! :)
I am going to have to contact her to see how she set up such an incredibly polished blog too!

Hoolahoop Photogaphy you have a new fan, Andrea, you know I am your biggest fan.

Cheers, Tracy

Tracy Fowler
Family Tree Photography

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