Honey – Family Photographer in Waterloo

I have met so many families this year.  And I have enjoyed each one of them so much.

I’ve worked with brand new families for newborn portrait sessions, brand new families who have newly adopted toddlers, big HUGE extended family portrait sessions and also lots and lots of blended families!

The beautiful thing is…that no matter how these families came to be, the one thing that is evident to me while I am shooting their family photographs is that they are in LOVE.

This particular Waterloo area family was no exception.  I just loved the fact that big brother referred to his new baby sister as “Honey”.  In fact he introduced her to me as such when he got out of the car <3

What a total sweetheart.  I loved spending time with them and after enjoying their sweet little baby girl I couldn’t wait to get home at the end of the shoot and give my own little Ivy a big snuggle.

I love being a family photographer.  I love seeing families in love.


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