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July 27th, 2012


7:20am – Who needs an alarm clock with three littles at home.  The day normally starts around these parts with trying to put a dent in Mount Laundry.

7:22am – First fight of the day for the boys.  Who is going to push the buttons on the washing machine?  Eli won, but for some reason there are *still* tears.  Sigh.  How many hours until Daddy gets home?


8:00am – The morning wouldn’t be complete without some wrestling from the boys.  The minute I go to make the beds – they go to wrestle on them.

8:01am – More tears from Eli…. T minus 10 hours until Daddy is home.

8:30am – Breakfast time.  Eli LOVES to get into the pantry and choose his own breakfast.  I’m surprised he can find anything in there.

Breakfast of Champions.  ”Eli – leave the bowls alone….”


8:33am – Great listening from Eli

But he DID put himself into the naughty chair


8:45 am – Breakfast

9:20am – Playtime

9:40am – And now we attempt to get dressed.  It usually doesn’t go too well…

10:15 am – More Play

11:00am – Nap time for Ivy

11:15am – Back to Mount Laundry


12:00pm – Laundry done, Ivy awake – time to run some errands

2:30 – Quiet time in front of the TV

4:00pm – Daddy gets home  - EARLY.  Hallelujah!  Taking a break from the camera for some family time:)


7:00pm – Bath time


July 27th.  7:20am – 7:20pm


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Jaime Coyle - Love this….and your house!

Denise O'Donnell - Nicola – you have come so far since when I first “met” you on ILP. Your work and your processing is beyond PERFECTION. I love every image you take Nicola. I seriously need you to teach me! Your family and home are so beautiful ?

Sophie - Love these, Nicola! I’ve been following your work on FB for awhile. Lifestyle sessions are my favourite, and I can totally relate to the desire to capture those everyday moments with your own family. I just posted a similar little experiment myself ( ) , though I only followed my girl for an hour. :) Now you’re making me want to follow her for a whole day! Really well done. Thanks for continued inspiration! xo

hulahoop - Beautiful work, Sophie! I love the images that you have captured of your little one. They really are what “lifestyle” is all about. I love them!

The Fort - LOVED seeing what an ordinary day is like for you, looks like there’s never a dull moment! ;)

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