Jinky – Cambridge Children’s Photographer

A few years back I stumbled across a website that literally had my jaw on the floor.

Barb Uil of Jinky Art has the most wonderfully creative mind that I think the children’s photography industry has seen.  Her photographs evoke imagination, curiosity and whimsy and coax the inner child to come out and play…if even for a moment.

I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to attend a Jinky workshop which was being held here in Ontario.  A rare occurrence for this Aussie to travel to our neck of the woods.  When I heard the news I was all over it.

We all were eager to crawl inside the mind of this woman to find out what makes her tick.  How DOES she create these breath taking images?

The thing is….creativity can’t be taught.  It is something that stirs deep within your soul and I’m afraid either you have it or you don’t

I would like to thank Barb for being ever so humble and sweet and for sharing herself in the raw with all of us.  I’d also like to thank the ladies of Casa Duna.  You know who you are.  I made some great friendships that I hope span through my photography career.

I was going to share some images from the Jinky workshop.  But instead I thought I would try and exercise my own creative mind and share with you a shoot I styled and shot on my own after I returned.  After all.  Creativity can’t be learned.

Here is me – a wee bit “Jinkyfied”



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Mandy - Gorgeous, Nicola! I really get a feel of carefree summer whimsy. It is obivois that working with Barb has really pushed you to the next level of creativity. :)

Vicky - These are perfect. The best I have seen from you yet. O is beautiful !!!!

Audrey Keane Blalock - Just saw your photos!!!! Great job! I’m just getting going! Not photographer but doing professionally or more appropriately…what I Love! I have some pics on Keane Photography on facebook (Payson, AZ) your kids pics are still naturally done w minimal props…love it!!! Applause!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! My daughter put some stuff of mine on Pintrest floating around lol maybe you’ll catch it!
Enjoyed the inspiration!

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