Gentle Ben – Burlington Newborn Photographer

Every parent that has ever had a newborn photography session done with me can probably tell you a few things.

One:  It’s HOT

Two:  It’s messy

and three……it’s LONG.  The key to a great newborn portrait session is sleep.  Sleep is the one thing that we want from baby.  Sometimes that sleepy slumber happens immediately and other times…well we have to work for it.

Meet Ben.  In my books Ben was about the most perfect newborn session.  Ben arrived alert as can be.  Which was great as we were able to wrap him up and get a few of those eye open shots that I love so much.  BUT after about an hour of the wakiness Mom and Dad started to get a bit nervous.  I assured them the same thing that I assure to all parents at a newborn photo session.  We just have to wait.  Sometimes it can be TWO HOURS before a single photograph is taken, but eventually baby will go to sleep and then we just move quickly and get what we’re looking for.

Ben was picture perfect in every way.  When Ben finally conked out he was OUT.  At that point I was able to do wonders with Mr. sleepyhead.

So to my future newborn clients.  Don’t despair.  When in doubt…we wait:)

After all – Good things come to those who wait – as proven by……..Ben.

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