Baby P Designs – Waterloo Lifestyle Photography

Meet my the family from my latest lifestyle photography session.

Mom is the creative mind behind Baby P Designs and clearly has a flair for decorating.

Dad runs triathalons and builds amazing beds (he built the bed in little P’s bedroom!)

and little P himself is not even three and can identify all of his letters and memorize story books.

Yep – this is a house full of talent folks…and love sweet love.

I learned that little P prefers his syrup drizzled on his waffles in a “loop d loop” rather than “raindrops”.  I learned that Dad has the most amazing story telling voice, that Little P’s hair tends to like to “peacock”, that story time ends with a hearty “Wah, wah, waaaaah” and a fit of family giggles.  I learned that monkey is a treasured friend and that books are magical.

Here is a little piece of this lovely family.  A story in pictures that will most definitely end with a Happily Ever After



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