A gift for Ivy – Cambridge Newborn Photographer

December 26th at 2:21am is now officially one of my three favourite moments in time that i can remember.  It’s right up there with December 27th at 12:35 pm an March 13th at 10:45pm – those were the moments that my two amazing little men were born.

December 26th at 2:21am.  The moment that i first laid eyes on my newborn girl.  Ivy Adeline.   I finally feel like my family is complete.

Here’s a little peek at Ivy at three days old.  During her photo shoot while the snow was falling softly outside, three snow white geese flew by the window.  The most beautiful birds that i have never seen the likes of before.

I cant help but feel like they came specifically for Ivy.  Three snowy geese – one for each day that we had known and loved her.  A special gift just for her.

My little Ivy girl – I loved you from the first minute and will never ever stop.



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Jocelyne Tipple - Perfect. You will never know how much you needed a little girl until you have her and are holding her in your arms.

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