Eat Your Words – Cambridge Children’s Photographer

“What is the best age to photograph children?”

It’s a question I get asked all of the time from my clients.  Generally my answer is newborn portraits are great while babies are under two weeks old.  The next great photography “milestone” is when baby is sitting unsupported and of course then first birthday pictures with a great cake smash is always fun!  Older kids are lovely and can be a children’s photographer’s dream.

There’s normally a time somewhere in there where things can become a bit tricky.  Generally I will say that 18 months to 2.5 is a challenge.  Of course it can be done, but your whole photography approach changes.  You can become less like a portrait photographer and more like a wildlife photographer.  Perch and shoot.  Wait for the ever moving target to come to you and shoot.

Well.  Meet Aodhan.  Aodhan handed my words to me on a plate and I gobbled them up.  This just over two year old was the sweetest, most inquisitive and EASIEST 2.something year old that I have ever photographed!  He was cooperative and lovely and looked and smiled and just looked plain cute at all of the right moments.  I heart Aodhan.  Those eyes.  Those curls.  Those lips and that oh so precious personality.

Thanks for teaching me a lesson little man.  You’re an extra special treat!

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cheryl - these photos are gorgeous! what a sweetie.

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