A Tadpole Tasting – Waterloo Photographer



This weekend I was at Tadpole Children’s Shoppe for their First Food Organics baby food tasting event, which I can sum up in one word.  YUM!  This food is deee-licious the moment I tasted the prune, pear and spinach I was hooked.  I even brought some home for Eli who’s an extremely fussy eater.  Even though he’s 15 months old and clearly past the baby food stage I figured it would be worth a try.  I could feed this to him like dessert and he would be getting all of the yummy goodness of ingredients like spinach and beets and flax.  It worked like a charm!  My kids were actually FIGHTING over the food!

The event itself at Tadpole was totally amazing.  The staff there outdid themselves.  Refreshments, decorations,  kids entertainment and of course the First Food Organics team that was serving the tasty treats.  The tiny patrons at Tadpole were definitely enjoying themselves and taking full advantage of the free samples!

If you haven’t been into Tadpole yet – you must.  Oooooh, I simply love this store.  It’s bright and clean and I feel happy the minute I walk in.  And they are the only retailer in this area that carries the First Food Organics baby food line!  So, if you’re looking for some healthy alternatives for your little ones I would definitely check them out.



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