Introducing Your Cambridge Children’s Photographer…


I am a Mother of three.

I love my children, my husband, my wiener dogs and my Canon.

I find the smell of wet sand nostalgic, I don’t drink enough water and I occasionally enjoy a good big mac.

I love life – and I love seeing life through my lens.


Nicola Toon is an award winning photographer based in Cambridge Ontario.  Nicola services the Kitchener / Waterloo area and beyond with her lifestyle photography, family photography and newborn portraiture.  

Nicola has gained international attention for her lifestyle and family imagery.  Her work has been featured in Professional Photographer magazine, The Fort Magazine and Chic Magazine

For as long as I can remember I have felt more complete with a camera in my hand.  Even at a young age I remember always trying to get “the shot”.  The one that would be worthy of my little desktop frame.  Today my little desktop frame has been replaced with a more grandeur version of it’s former self.  My home is adorned with art.  My art.  Our art.  The art that my family has created in our memories.  My little frame has graduated to wall displays, canvases and photo books.  Each the perfect package for the moments in time that they preserve.

As your photographer it is my job to capture YOUR new moments that you are creating with your family.  To take those moments and turn them into art.  Your art.  To get all of those incredible memories off of your computer and into their rightful spot – into your grown up version of your own little desktop frame – to be presented to the world and loved and enjoyed as they should be.

Contact me at to book your own photo session and create your own family heirlooms.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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Close your eyes – Family photographer in Cambridge

It’s not only especially flattering when a fellow photographer asks me to photograph their family – it’s also especially daunting.  I always want to be sure I deliver these creative minds with the best possible family portraits.

Meet Heather from Close Your Eyes Photography.  She is a friend and fellow photographer and recently also became a client.  I had so much fun with her family.  Heather has the quirkiest personality and we had a lot of laughs during her session.  Coincidentally she is also going to be my roommate at an upcoming photography retreat in Whistler!

Looking forward to seeing more of her in January

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Urban Session – Child photographer in Cambridge

I was so happy that this Mom recently decided to stop into my photography studio in Cambridge.  She said that she had seen the sign and knew right away that she was going to like my style.  She advised me that her son, who was five, was way more suited to an urban session than something in a field.  She also knew that she wanted to stay true to her Hespeler heritage and photograph somewhere that truly represented the town that we love.

We decided to do the session at the old Hespeler Furniture factory and the result….well….it was exactly what we were hoping for.  I had so much fun doing this urban session with this wonderfully mild mannered little guy.

And how cool is he?  Honestly!

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photographing photographers – Family Photographer in Cambridge

I feel so proud whenever I’m hand picked by a fellow photographer to do their family portrait session.  I know first hand just how hard this decision can be when we ourselves place so much importance on the art.

This summer I had the pleasure of photographing a handful of photographers – some who I know personally and others that I’d met for the very first time.  It was a pleasure working with each and everyone of them.

Jessica Nip is a  Toronto photographer and she was  just such a natural on the other side of the lens.   Congratulations to Jessica on all of her success and the upcoming changes to her business:) I know it will all be worth it in the end.



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Time Marches on – Family photographer in Cambridge

I sit here this morning, buried under a ton of work and reflecting over the amazing summer that I have had this year.  So many beautiful families, so much blogging to be done.  I can hardly believe it’s inching up to mid September already.  It’s incredible how quickly time marches on.

Time was of the essence for this Cambridge family.  With two children who are on the cusp of turning into young adults – they knew that they wanted to invest in a family portrait session to capture their tweens before the cross the threshold into ‘too old’, or ‘too cool’.  We all know how it is:)

This brother and sister duo were two of the sweetest and kindest not so little ones that I’ve worked with.  I just loved the true and unabashed emotion that they gave me during their beach portrait session.  I truly enjoyed all of my time with this amazing family from the session to the ordering session.  I do hope we cross paths again….



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Serene – Newborn photographer in Cambridge

This Cambridge mother to be knew exactly what she wanted from her newborn session when we met back in the spring.  The one thing that she wanted more than anything else was an album to document her maternity and early days with her first child.

I was so happy to create a beautiful fine art album of this family’s portrait sessions.  You see – the portraiture is the thing that will remain with you for years to come. Unlike the gorgeous crib and glider and the beautiful baby clothing, the latest baby carrier and stroller – your newborn portraits are the one investment that you will never part with.  They are the one thing that you will never donate, sell on kijiji or pass down to your younger sister.

For this family, and for their family who cannot make it here to celebrate with them…enjoy your sip and see.  She truly is amazing:)



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Rashmi - Thank you so much for making these special memories eternal, dear Nicola. You are truly blessed with an amazing talent. Keep on creating the magic that you do and thank you so very much! xoxo

Renuka - Congratulations Rashmi !!!! I am so proud of you. She is so cute, I loved all the photos. Esp the last one of her toes, touched a place in my heart reserved only for those special feeling mothers have for their babies.