Introducing Your Cambridge Children’s Photographer…


I am a Mother of three.

I love my children, my husband, my wiener dogs and my Canon.

I find the smell of wet sand nostalgic, I don’t drink enough water and I occasionally enjoy a good big mac.

I love life – and I love seeing life through my lens.


Nicola Toon is an award winning photographer based in Cambridge Ontario.  Nicola services the Kitchener / Waterloo area and beyond with her lifestyle photography, family photography and newborn portraiture.  

Nicola has gained international attention for her lifestyle and family imagery.  Her work has been featured in Professional Photographer magazine, The Fort Magazine and Chic Magazine

For as long as I can remember I have felt more complete with a camera in my hand.  Even at a young age I remember always trying to get “the shot”.  The one that would be worthy of my little desktop frame.  Today my little desktop frame has been replaced with a more grandeur version of it’s former self.  My home is adorned with art.  My art.  Our art.  The art that my family has created in our memories.  My little frame has graduated to wall displays, canvases and photo books.  Each the perfect package for the moments in time that they preserve.

As your photographer it is my job to capture YOUR new moments that you are creating with your family.  To take those moments and turn them into art.  Your art.  To get all of those incredible memories off of your computer and into their rightful spot – into your grown up version of your own little desktop frame – to be presented to the world and loved and enjoyed as they should be.

Contact me at to book your own photo session and create your own family heirlooms.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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Laurie - My cell is 2892597309 and I am interested in getting pictures takes of my materiny I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. Please contact me. Thanks!!

You’re in Good Hands – Newborn photographer in Toronto

I’d like to once and for all put to rest the notion that in order to have  a newborn session in your home that you have to have a giant house with floor to ceiling windows, that has been professionally decorated and looks like it could be featured in “Style at Home” magazine.

This simply is. not. the truth.

The truth is this…if you have a home that has some decent natural light and a bed (yes – just a bed) then we can do a newborn session in your home.

My latest newborn session in Toronto was a perfect example of a client that was worried about her home.  That it wouldn’t be good enough, pretty enough or bright enough for us to do an in home newborn photo session.

After a phone conversation with my client, I assured her not to worry.  That we would be able to provide her with beautiful portraits of her new baby in their Toronto home.   I want to let my clients know that when they hire me, they are in good hands.  I will work with you and your situation to achieve those beautiful family portraits that you desire.

We did the session in their war time home in Toronto – after she saw her images, this is what my client had to say….

“Nicola, you are a magician – these photos are amazing!!  Living in an old home in Toronto, I had great concerns about the
small rooms and lack of good light coming into the house. I reached out to
Nicola with my worries and she assured me she could work with any space.
The shoot itself was fun and went so well, my partner and I felt we were in
great hands. We were so amazed with the photo’s we couldn’t believe it was
us, in our home! We are so happy with every picture we will definitely be
booking another session with her again.”

And so I give to you an at home newborn session done in a home with limited space and limited (though very pretty) light……


Thank you once again to my amazing intern Jenny from Simply Rustic Photography for the behind the scenes images.  I’m going to miss her when she’s gone:(


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Behind the scenes with Hulahoop Photography-Newborn Photographer in Burlington

Hi guys!

This is Jenny, Nicola’s new (and awesome) intern over here at Hulahoop Photography. You will probably recognize me from a few posts on the Facebook page hanging out in her photography studio in Cambridge.   I am so happy to be doing my coop placement with Nicola before I pack up my business Simply Rustic Photography and move to Whitecourt Alberta.  Nicola has graciously taken me under her wing, showing me the ropes in the world of portrait photography. All I can say is that everyday when I come into the studio, it’s always fun and every day brings something new. Usually we are hard at work editing, blogging, and shooting but we always get through the day giggling and listening to music.

Nicola has such passion for creating beautiful images and delivering her clients the best quality work. We all get to see all of her amazing work but I wanted to take a peak behind the scenes and show you what really goes on. We recently had a newborn session with a beautiful family with two under two. Lets check out baby Everett, behind the scenes for his newborn session in Burlington.

Having a brand new baby in the house can be stressful, as I know from just having my little girl a few months ago. As soon as we walked through the doors in this beautiful Burlington home, Nicola took charge and made greatness happen. It was amazing to see and learn how to navigate through this newborn session with two babies under two. I honestly think she has a 6th sense and knows when amazing, beautiful moments are going to happen.

Today this lovely momma came into the Cambridge photography studio view her session images. It’s definitely a beautiful, emotional moment in the studio during a viewing. I just loved what this mom said after viewing the images. “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that from all of the chaos. Absolutely wonderful!”

It just goes to show, that even though your children may have been a bit fussy, Nicola beautifully captures these precious moments that you can cherish for a lifetime.

I’m not going to get all emotional over here, but all I have to say is that I am incredibly fortunate to have worked with Nicola and I’m probably going to cry when I have to move to Alberta in 2 months. Lets get serious, I’ll cry. I’m definitely going to miss all of our goofy times in the studio, and learning from such a wonderful artist! Thank you so much for all of your awesomeness and mentoring, Nicola!

-Jenny xo

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Melissa A - What a beautiful post! Nicola is an amazing artist and I can see that you guys have had a great experience working together. All the best Jenny!

Maternity Photographs in the studio – Pregnancy Photographer in Cambridge

It was very exciting for me to do my very first maternity photographs in the studio recently.

I feel like this is going to be one of my very favourite ways to utilize my photography studio in Cambridge.

I do love photographing pregnant women and being able to do so in my very own studio was so much fun indeed!

We know how hard it can be to find beautiful maternity gowns, which is why we have some on hand in the studio for our expectant moms to use.  This gorgeous mama looked absolutely glowing in a few of them that we had on hand.

I simply can’t wait to meet up with this gorgeous family again in March for some newborn photographs in Cambridge!



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Slices of my {real} life – Lifestyle Photographer in Cambridge

So, believe it or not, I really never photograph my kids.  I’m too busy, or I’m too tired, or I just can’t be bothered to pick up that darn big camera again at the end of the day.  Sad, right?

This year, however, I have made a pact with myself that I will photograph my kids more.   On one condition – that I photograph them in their REAL LIFE.

Not the kind of photographs where i make them dress up in clothes that I want them to wear.   Not the kind of photographs where I am directing their every move.  Not the kind of photographs where I clean up the house and remove all of the clutter.

I will photograph them in their REAL LIFE.

Because I know that in twenty years from now when the house is quiet and the kids are grown – these are the moments that I will miss.

The moments where their shirts are stained with juice and crusty with the morning’s oatmeal.  The moments where their favourite toys are littered throughout the living room.  The moment when she was little enough to fit into our reusable grocery bags.  The moments when my life felt like it was falling apart at the seams some days because of the chaos and the mess and the noise of it all.

These are the things I will want to remember.

This is Sunday.  Costco Day.  Ivy climbed into the grocery bag and I ran for the camera.  Yes, there is clutter all over the kitchen, no I didn’t ask my husband to take off his black socks (those who have been photographed by me know how I feel about socks!)

Yes, my husband keeps walking in and out of the frame.

I.  Don’t.  Care.

These images are not meant to win awards.  They are not meant to be edited out the wazoo.  They are not meant for anything or anyone but me.

So here’s to my promise to myself to photograph my life.  My real,un-edited , perfectly imperfect, mine all mine – life.



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Five minutes with Ivy – Lifestyle photographer in Cambridge

I just kicked off my new year in the best way possible.  By attending the 2015 NAPCP retreat in Whistler.

While I was there I got to meet some amazing photographers from around the world and learn a little bit about their lives, both personal and professional.

One of the things that tweaked my interest the most was an idea born by the extremely talented Dana Pugh.  She is the brainchild behind The Five Minute Project.

This beautiful blog is a cooperative between photographers and the focus is quite simply, to document life around you in five minutes.  To try and capture and tell the story of what you see in five minutes or less.

I would highly recommend visiting this amazing blog.  It’s remarkable how these fine photographers see the world in five minutes.  I simply love this concept!

This year I have resolved to try and do more personal projects because I know that one day I will regret not having these sweet moments of my own children.

While I was away in Whistler the whole family came down with the flu.  Unfortunately now it is sweet Ivy’s turn.  As she was winding down for a nap today I thought I would try to do a little five minute session.

Here is what I came up with….

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Jennifer Findlay - Oh my goodness! This is absolutely brilliant. I’m going to start a five minute project of my own! Thanks for sharing.

Hope your sweet wee girl is feeling better. I remember (and miss) those precious days. My girl is 15, and it happened in the blink of an eye.