Introducing Your Cambridge Children’s Photographer…


I am a Mother of three.

I love my children, my husband, my wiener dogs and my Canon.

I find the smell of wet sand nostalgic, I don’t drink enough water and I occasionally enjoy a good big mac.

I love life – and I love seeing life through my lens.


Nicola Toon is an award winning photographer based in Cambridge Ontario.  Nicola services the Kitchener / Waterloo area and beyond with her lifestyle photography, family photography and newborn portraiture.  

Nicola has gained international attention for her lifestyle and family imagery.  Her work has been featured in Professional Photographer magazine, The Fort Magazine and Chic Magazine

For as long as I can remember I have felt more complete with a camera in my hand.  Even at a young age I remember always trying to get “the shot”.  The one that would be worthy of my little desktop frame.  Today my little desktop frame has been replaced with a more grandeur version of it’s former self.  My home is adorned with art.  My art.  Our art.  The art that my family has created in our memories.  My little frame has graduated to wall displays, canvases and photo books.  Each the perfect package for the moments in time that they preserve.

As your photographer it is my job to capture YOUR new moments that you are creating with your family.  To take those moments and turn them into art.  Your art.  To get all of those incredible memories off of your computer and into their rightful spot – into your grown up version of your own little desktop frame – to be presented to the world and loved and enjoyed as they should be.

Contact me at to book your own photo session and create your own family heirlooms.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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Laurie - My cell is 2892597309 and I am interested in getting pictures takes of my materiny I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. Please contact me. Thanks!!


Jen - Hello,
The email above wouldn’t work so I’m post if here! Sorry!

I am searching for a photographer who travels to Sauble Beach that would be able to take some family photographers as a present to my mother in law for her 60th birthday.

It would be 7 adults (3 couples and my mother in law) and 3 children (ages 1, 1.5 and 4 years old – all walking)

Just wondering if I could get an idea of pricing and if you’re available any time between the 20th and the 24th

Thank you so much for your time! Your images are breathtaking :)


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Letting go of Roxy

I can remember the first night with my puppy so clearly.  I had put her in her crate beside my bed and she cried and cried.  It was the most heartbreaking sound in the world.  Finally I caved and brought that tiny puppy into my bed.  She curled up right beside me and from then on we both slept soundly taking comfort in each other.   Last night, 13 years later I held my dog beside me in bed for what was to be her last night on this earth.  Again, we took comfort in each other’s presence knowing that we were there for each other as we have been all of these years.

Tonight we say goodbye to Roxy.  I have been dreading this day since the first time I picked up my beautiful pup and fell instantly in love with her.   Since that moment I have wondered how I will ever live without her and today I will find out.  Some of you might read this and think “it’s just a dog”.  I can assure you that Roxy is the furthest thing from “just a dog” that there is.

She has been my confidant, my best friend, my nurse maid and my therapist.  She has been there with me through break ups, illness, my marriage and the birth of all three of my children.   It was HER photograph that I took with me into the delivery room when I had my first baby. It was her that stood sentinel by my side with every challenge that life threw my way.   She is my happy place.

Last night I had a dream.  I dreamed that I faced some of my demons and set myself free.  In my dream my demons had placed Roxy in a tiny cage.  She lay crumbled on the floor unable to move and in very bad shape.  I let her out of her cage and we ran away together.  At first she struggled to walk, but as we got further and further away she started to run and wag her tail.  She was free.

I truly feel that Roxy was sending me a message last night as we lay together.   She was telling me that I’ve got this.  That it’s time to set her free and so I shall.   I shall free her the way that she has freed me for the past 13 years.

Last night my sister said to me “How lucky that you had a relationship so beautiful that it hurts so much when it ends.”  I couldn’t agree more.  We are the lucky ones.

Rest Easy sweet girl.  You will never ever be forgotten.

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Kim Patry - Oh my Dear friend. Your heart. My Love to you.

Month 11 – a year in their life – Family Photographer in Cambridge

It’s 11 months later and since I first met Brigitte in her kitchen 11 months ago the family has grown.

We now have baby Aussie and Lola the kitten, who by the way is very best friends with little Dimi, as you will see.

Hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since we started our photography journey.

In case you haven’t been following along, a year ago I embarked on a personal project which was to photograph a family in their home once a month for a year.   I love the depth, emotion and storytelling of this kind of portraiture and I really needed to stretch my creative wings.  My hope is that by showing just how beautiful in home portrait sessions can be, it will inspire my clients to try it for themselves.  I have loved every minute with Brigitte’s beautiful family.  Now we just have to decide what we will do for our finale next month:)

Have you enjoyed following along on this personal journey with me?  I’d love to hear all of your thoughts so don’t be shy and feel free to leave your comments.


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Family portraits in the studio – Family photographer in cambridge

I would say for sure that the vast majority of my portrait work is either done in my client’s homes or outdoors.

However, some clients prefer a clean and classic look to their family portraits and for that I do like to take advantage of my photography studio in Cambridge.

I think sometimes it’s hard for clients to envision exactly what modern day portrait studio photographs would look like so today I’d like to share a few images from a recent family photography session here in the cambridge studio.

Studio portraits will definitely work better for some families than others.  Are you considering family portraits this year and not sure whether an outdoor session or studio session is right for you?  Give me a call and I can always help you to decide.

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Kim Patry - Crisp. Perfection!

Move over Paint Night – Portrait photographer in cambridge


Move over paint night – there’s a new kid in town!

So what exactly is a “portrait party”?

It’s a super fun and fabulous new way to host a girls night out (or in).

It’s an opportunity to put on your big girl panties and DITCH THAT SELFIE!

It’s a way to bring your girlfriends together for a hilarious evening of wine, nibbles and self love.

It’s a means to put your best face forward in this age of social media where we are flooded with imagery

It’s a chance to have a beautiful professional portrait to use for personal branding, network marketing, corporate head shots or simply for use on your social media platforms.

It’s a great way to increase your self esteem.

It’s entertainment to see how your friend’s images change after a few glasses of vino.

But most of all.  It’s an a$$ kickin’ good time;)

Parties may be hosted either in the Hulahoop Studio or in your own home (travel fees will apply).

email for details on how to book.


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Lauren - What would something like this typically cost?

hulahoop - I have sent you a message, Lauren

Sandra Avery - Hi, I am going to be planning a ladies event later this year for my neighbourhood. One of my neighbours suggested a portrait party. Can you tell me approximately how the pricing works for this type of an event?

hulahoop - Hi Sandra – I will email you with the information :)

Lack of Light – Toronto Lifestyle photographer

About an hour before this in home photography session was about to start I received a message from my client.

“It’s pretty dark in the house today.  I just don’t want you to drive all the way out here if there’s not enough light”.

The truth is – it’s been a very dreary winter here in Southern Ontario.  I can’t recall the last time I saw the sunshine, but it’s been weeks and weeks.  It’s true that most often I do my in home portrait sessions in homes that are filled with light, but with these nagging grey skies even the brightest homes can be lacking in light.

I’ve had to get creative with my photography and how I use the available light to photograph my subjects and to be honest.  I’m kind of in love with the results and the dramatic light.

So instead of rescheduling my January Year in the life session for a brighter day I decided to embrace the dark.  Use it to create the moody imagery that I’ve been so drawn to for so long.     Not every house is abundant with light.  Not every home’s decor is awash with light colours and a pallet where the light bounces off of every surface…..and that’s okay!

In this blog post I’ve included a pull back to show the room that we were working in.  For this session we used a very small space by the window.  The entire series of photographs was done in this space, which was about 15 square feet.

This kind of portraiture is wonderful for children that have small children who create their own sense of spontaneity.   On that note – just a reminder that February is only a week away and for the month of February I am waiving the $250 session fee  for in home portrait sessions.    If you’re interested in having beautiful portraits like these of your own children then it’s a great time to take advantage.

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