Introducing Your Cambridge Children’s Photographer…


I am a Mother of three.

I love my children, my husband, my wiener dogs and my Canon.

I find the smell of wet sand nostalgic, I don’t drink enough water and I occasionally enjoy a good big mac.

I love life – and I love seeing life through my lens.


Nicola Toon is an award winning photographer based in Cambridge Ontario.  Nicola services the Kitchener / Waterloo area and beyond with her lifestyle photography, family photography and newborn portraiture.  

Nicola has gained international attention for her lifestyle and family imagery.  Her work has been featured in Professional Photographer magazine, The Fort Magazine and Chic Magazine

For as long as I can remember I have felt more complete with a camera in my hand.  Even at a young age I remember always trying to get “the shot”.  The one that would be worthy of my little desktop frame.  Today my little desktop frame has been replaced with a more grandeur version of it’s former self.  My home is adorned with art.  My art.  Our art.  The art that my family has created in our memories.  My little frame has graduated to wall displays, canvases and photo books.  Each the perfect package for the moments in time that they preserve.

As your photographer it is my job to capture YOUR new moments that you are creating with your family.  To take those moments and turn them into art.  Your art.  To get all of those incredible memories off of your computer and into their rightful spot – into your grown up version of your own little desktop frame – to be presented to the world and loved and enjoyed as they should be.

Contact me at to book your own photo session and create your own family heirlooms.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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Laurie - My cell is 2892597309 and I am interested in getting pictures takes of my materiny I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. Please contact me. Thanks!!


Jen - Hello,
The email above wouldn’t work so I’m post if here! Sorry!

I am searching for a photographer who travels to Sauble Beach that would be able to take some family photographers as a present to my mother in law for her 60th birthday.

It would be 7 adults (3 couples and my mother in law) and 3 children (ages 1, 1.5 and 4 years old – all walking)

Just wondering if I could get an idea of pricing and if you’re available any time between the 20th and the 24th

Thank you so much for your time! Your images are breathtaking :)


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She’s got Talent – Newborn photographer in Cambridge

Well, I’m back after a pretty hefty hiatus.

I took the month of December to slow down and recharge.  I loved having that special time with my family and I feel well rested and ready to take on 2016 and all that it can throw at me.

I’m going to kick off the year with a blog post for a very special and talented client.  I have been photographing this family for two years now and after some conversation during her recent newborn photography session I discovered that she has the incredible ability to create.  I was so in awe of Kristen’s talent that I couldn’t stop talking about it after her session and asked her permission to share some of her work with all of you!

Thank you so much Kristen and Jeremy for continuing to trust me with your moments.  You are wonderful to work with.

First some images from their newborn session followed by some of my client’s awesomeness!


During our session I was admiring all kinds of details in my clients home.  It turns out almost everything I loved she MADE!  This woman has such an eye for detail and is so artistic.  I admire anyone who can take a vision and turn it into something so beautiful.    She learned how to make cakes so that she could make her son’s first birthday cake.  She sews, she paints.   Amazing!




These Halloween costumes though!  She made it all.  Including the mask!



Oh and by the way.  She MADE the monster costume to match her son’s Max costume that she bought.



Dr. Seuss cake.   Are you kidding me?!?!   No, she doesn’t make cakes for a living.  Just decided to whip one up.

I was so blown away that I asked her if she would make Ivy’s birthday cake.  As you can see – it was a major hit!

THANK YOU, KRISTEN!   – I truly think you should be sharing your talents with the world





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Take My Breath Away – Newborn Photographer in Stoney Creek

I just finished up my last ordering session of the year for a newborn I recently photographed in Stoney Creek.

Both Mom and proud Grandma came into my photography studio in Cambridge to view their newborn portraits and it was so touching to see them experience this moment together.

There is truly nothing like seeing your beautiful images for the first time projected on the big screen.

This newborn baby boy is just so beautiful that he took my breath away.  I just had to include him on the blog.



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Breaking – Family Photographer in Cambridge

November.  I love you.  You bring with you the calm after the storm.  The light at the end of the tunnel and some reflection on the past year.

2015 was great.  The business was incorporated, I continued to realize that securing myself a studio space was the best decision I ever made.  I photographed close to 150 families.  There were high points and low points.  Mistakes were made and tears flowed.  There were moments that I loved every second of what I was doing and also times when I was sure I couldn’t go on and wanted to give it all up.

Of course I could never do that.  Not in a million.  I feel so blessed to be doing what I LOVE.  I feel so connected to my clients and seeing them look at their images for the first time is so overwhelmingly satisfying.  Nothing in the world can compare to that feeling of pride and passion in what I do.  And all of the people that I meet along the way I consider friends.

At the end of the day, I love what I do.  But by December I’m ready.  I’m ready to take a much needed break.  Some time to recharge myself physically, emotionally and most certainly creatively.

I am busy wrapping up a couple of last commissions and then I will be disappearing for a little while.  I will be taking the month of December off to sit back and take everything in for a while.  To snuggle my kids, to bake cookies, wrap gifts, clean my neglected house and just…be.

I thought I’d include a few minutes of my day to day life with my three babies.   They are busy and crazy and LOUD but man – do they ever snuggle and love with their whole selves.  I’m looking forward to getting my fill in December.

The only time that I pick up my camera during that time will be to photograph them.

I can’t WAIT to see the rest of you in January and see what 2016 will bring:)

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Southampton – Family Photographer in Cambridge

Ummmm – did anyone else notice that it’s almost OCTOBER?!?

I’m not sure where the time went, but I’m going to throw it back to earlier this summer when we did some family portraits in Southampton Ontario.

I love finding fun new places to photograph families.

Thinking about getting some family portraits done next summer?  If you’re up for a little bit (okay A LOT) of fun – I want to do a session at the Toronto Exhibition!   Ferris wheels, merry go rounds, cotton candy!  Who’s with me?!


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Late summer – Family photographer in Cambridge

I love photographing families in the late summer.  This spot in particular is one of my local favourites.  It comes alive with warm colour in late August and into September.

On this particular evening the insects were CRAZY we left with a trillion billion mosquito bites and your truly even stood right in an ant hill.  Ants in my pants.  Quite literally.

Loved hanging out with this family

P.S. – thanks for the wine



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